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Other places where I post classified ads to promote our Spanish properties.

Classified Ads

There are of course lots of other places where you can place your classified ads, in fact there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of classified ad websites. There are some fantastic sites and there are some terrible sites. I have tried many and have posted some links to places where I have posted ads recently.

AwalClassified: Using a popular advert format awalclassified.com allows you to post adverts for 1 year and you can also renew and re-post adverts to the top of the listings, very handy to keep them fresh, my ads are here: Classifieds

Passads:Using the same format as the above website passads classifieds run for up to 150 days, you can also renew them when they run out. My latest ads are here: Classifieds.

Thecebuclassifieds: Again the same website design as above, ads run for up to 2 years. My latest classified ads are here: Classifieds.

Other design websites allow you to post without registering, the adverts may last anything from a few days to 10 years (or even be permanent), here is one I posted which lasts 1000 days: Classifieds

Beranda: Back to the same design Beranda allow you to post ads for 120 days, again you are able to renew ads when they run out: Classifieds

Blue Skyes: Another with the same design, Blue Skyes allows you to post classifieds for a generous 1 year, you can also renew ads when they run out: Classifieds

Freeadsclassifieds.net: You can see our Spanish property classifieds on this website here: Classifieds ads only remain for 30 days but can be renewed.

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