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Mondonedo Property Classifieds - 4 Bedroom House: Four bedroom house offered for sale in Riotorto near Mondonedo, Galicia. House with 4 bedrooms, garden and 2 bathrooms located 1km from the center of Riotorto, also has a barn, a warehouse, a granary, with its own source for water supply. It has very good access. Ideal for rest from the stress of the city, to breathe fresh and pure air. Near the towns of Puentenuevo and Mondoñedo. Price: €130,000.

Mondonedo Long Term Rentals - We list long term rentals in Mondonedo here when available.

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Mondonedo postcode: 27740.

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Mondonedo (Mondoñedo) is a municipality and town located in the region of Central Mariña, which is capital in the north of Lugo province, autonomous region of Galicia, Spain. Home to the judicial district No. 1 in the province of Lugo. Mondonedo has a resident population of about 4,300 inhabitants.

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