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Sotogrande property classifieds, view a selection of classified property ads for Sotogrande, Cadiz province, Andalucia, Spain.

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Sotogrande Property Classifieds - 4 Bedroom Villa: Classical villa in the Andalucian style offered for sale in Sotogrande, Cadiz province. Villa in Sotogrande, 4 bedrooms, 272 m2, 4 bathrooms, excellent location in Sotogrande Alto, overlooking two of the best golf courses in the region, Almenara and Valderrama. The property has two levels, marble floors, etc. Price: €800,000.

Aguilas Castle Mucia: The castle of San Juan de las Aguilas is a military fortification built in the eighteenth century which is located on the present town of Aguilas, Murcia, Spain. In 1579, during the reign of Felipe II, on the promontory of Aguilas a lookout tower was built, called St. John's, within the project entrusted to Vespasian Gonzaga I of the Spanish Mediterranean coast in defense of attacks by Barbary pirates. This tower would be very similar to the nearby Torre de Cope and serve to warn the troops of Lorca from enemy attacks. This tower was affected by an earthquake in 1596 and was finally destroyed by the Berber attacks in the year 1643. In the same year it was communicated to Philip IV that the tower has been destroyed and already in the year 1652 the king ordered the Council to rebuild the tower. By 1751, reigning King Fernando VI, employed Sebastian Feringa , chief engineer of the works of Cartagena to build a new castle. The construction of the new castle of San Juan de las Aguilas began in 1759 during the reign of Carlos III. Today the castle has been restored and is open to visitors.

Sotogrande Long Term Rentals - We list long term rentals in Sotogrande here when available.

Classified property ads for property in Sotogrande, Andalucia, Spain, for sale and rent.

Sotogrande postcode: 11310.

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Sotogrande is a development in the Andalucian municipality of San Roque in the region of Campo de Gibraltar, Cadiz province. The many sports facilities and the hotels in the area has meant that to be considered one of the major luxury residential areas of the Costa del Sol. It has a registered population of 2,584 inhabitants, although it is estimated that the total number of residents goes up season 12,500 in summer.

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